The Best Valentine’s Day Gift

It’s simply a gift that makes the receiver feel special.  It’s not always about the gift itself.  Sometimes it’s just knowing someone has thought of you with love in their heart.

Sometimes it’s just knowing you were thought of at all!

If you’ve ever received a handmade Valentine Day card from your child or grandchild, you know it has as much love attached to it as an expensive greeting card from a store.

Special Valentine Day Gifts

If you want to go above and beyond the concept that ‘it’s the thought that counts’, here’s a few ideas that will surely show your Valentine that you think of them with love all year round!

  • Massage Therapy – Purchase a gift certificate online for a specific massage package or a specific amount of money.  From some sites you can print your own certificate – perfect for the ‘late’ selection.
  • Entertainment Tickets – Purchase concert, theater or movie tickets online.  Selecting a venue your Valentine likes shows how much you pay attention!
  • Flowers – Always a safe bet!  Don’t just stop at the grocery store for a plastic wrapped, $3.00 bouquet.  Go to the florist and get roses – red roses with plenty of Baby’s Breath tied up with a red ribbon.
  • Candy – The standard heart shaped box?  Maybe, but imagine your Valentine’s surprise when coming home to a flowing fountain of warm, liquid love from your very own chocolate fountain. The most decadent chocolate made just for dipping can help you create that soft, indulgent atmosphere with a fountain or fondue that your Valentine is going to love sharing with you!
  • Custom Designed Photo Album – Tell the story of your friendship and love with a professionally printed photo album that you design from your special digital photos.
  • Portrait on Canvas – Design a custom layout of your favorite photos in a collage collection or a simple portrait on canvas in romantic sepia tones.

Better yet, how about flowers and candy?

But if you don’t think the standard Valentine gifts of candy or flowers will brighten your love’s day, then consider some of these easy to find gift ideas:

  • Amazon Kindle – Go for the Fire!  It speaks volumes about how much you care!
  • Amazon Gift Card – Instantly download and print or even email to your Valentine! (Hint, hint … great idea if you remembered a little late…)

And if you want to set a romantic, candle lit atmosphere that will last all year round, try some Candle Impressions Flameless Candlesthat will keep the romance going all year long!


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