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Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

The other day, I checked my e-mail using my wireless internet service Upland connection. I usually don’t follow links to sales, but because I have been looking for dressing to wear to weddings, I decided to click on the link to NeimanMarcus.Com.

How to cook scrapple

I didn’t find any dresses that I wanted to order, but I did end up looking through the home section and found some pretty good deals. I found a great deal on a personalized post-it note wardrobe.

If I don’t write everything down, then I always forget. My husband ends up using my notes in the kitchen and it drives me crazy. He will just write one thing on them. I always get on to him and say that he needs to use the plain stationery and not the stationery with my name on it!

Anyway, I ended up getting free shipping on them. They were also already marked down and I got free shipping on them. They came in really quickly and I am very pleased with them. I will definitely be ordering more stationery from them sometime soon, that’s for sure!


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