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How to Clean Shower Floors Without Harsh Chemicals

If you're using a bleach based product that sprays on and wipes off easily you may only be bleaching the dirt, not removing it. Your shower floor looks shiny and white for a short time but then the scum returns almost overnight. Read more [...]

How To Clean Old Enamel Sink Without Chemicals

Without the use of bleach or other bio-hazardous ingredients you can whiten and brighten even a fifty year old enamel sink with water, some good old fashioned elbow grease and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser which I have decided to call a 'miracle sponge'. Read more [...]

Battery Operated Candles Warm Your Holidays

Use flameless candles with a timer built-in for the most authentic looking battery operated candles. Read more [...]

Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club

Orchid Island is a private, gated, residential community of elegant waterfront homes and golf course homes, featuring miles of unspoiled beaches, and an award-winning golf course, tucked at the edge of the sea. Read more [...]

Disney Princess Chair Haunting Me

But that was not enough! After I scooped them up and carried them to the trash chute there was still one – clinging for dear life at the hem of my sweat pants. No, I did not let it live. Read more [...]