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How to Eat Gluten Free With Buckwheat or Kasha

Eat Gluten Free Buckwheat

Maintaining a healthy, gluten free diet does not have to leave you with a hungry, flat feeling.

Gluten Free BuckwheatBuckwheat has been a food staple all over the world for centuries and contains substances that have been attributed to cancer prevention, fighting heart disease and help in controlling blood sugar for diabetics.

Buckwheat, also known as kasha is one of the healthiest grains known and can be an excellent choice to add to the gluten free diet in the case of Celiac’s Disease.

Buckwheat for Dieting

Buckwheat can be a big help in diet control. Because it’s absorbed more slowly than other grains, it leaves you feeling full longer. This makes it easier to eat less and help control your weight. Read more


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